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Connecting small businesses with the U.S. Army to spur innovation. The xTech Program manages the Army’s prize competitions to award and accelerate innovative technology solutions that can help solve Army challenges. 

Winners Announced


Fifteen small businesses have been selected to receive an additional cash prize of $20,000 each and the opportunity to submit for a Direct to Phase II SBIR Award of up to $1.9M each.

Winners Announced

xTechHBCU Student 2023-2024

The xTechHBCU Student Competition is a forum for students to engage with the Department of Defense, earn prize money, participate in a unique accelerator program, and potentially have an opportunity to develop a prototype for their designed solutions as final winners of the competition.

Winners Announced

xTechSBIR Autonomy

The Army xTech Program selected 20 teams to receive a cash prize of $15,000 and an invitation to submit a Phase I SBIR award focusing on novel autonomous ground and air vehicle capabilities and technology solutions.

Finalists Announced

xTechSearch 8

The Army xTech Program selected 50 companies to receive a cash prize of $2,000 each and an invitation to the final technology pitches to present their innovative technology solutions to a panel of Army experts.

Accepting Submissions

xTechInternational 2024

xTechInternational is a forum for international entities to earn prize money, participate in a unique accelerator program, and have the opportunity to engage with U.S. DoD and other international partners through information sharing and networking.

xTechInternational Background

Accepting Submissions

xTechScalable AI 2

The U.S. Army invites U.S.-based Artificial Intelligence-focused small businesses to participate in the xTechScalable AI 2 competition, a competition to engage with the DoD, earn prize money, participate in a business accelerator program, and submit a Phase I or Direct to Phase II Army SBIR proposal.


Do you want to work with the Army to solve big problems? Check out xTech’s open competitions and see which is right for your business. Submit your application today!


Our xTech active competitions are in full-swing! With submission windows closed, check out the topics being tackled throughout each phase of our competitions.



It starts with a white paper.


That gets you to the pitch event.


That leads to proof-of-concept presentations and potential follow-on contracts!

Innovation Through Collaboration

We don’t just award cash prizes. We provide education, mentorship and networking opportunities to help integrate small businesses into the Army science and technology ecosystem.

what we do

  • Connect with non-traditional small businesses to spur innovation
  • Accelerate technology development for the Army
  • Break down barriers to working with the Army
  • Propel American business toward enduring commercial viability and success

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