In order to bolster successful engagement with the Army and facilitate the transition of transformational technology from xTech finalist, the Army established the xTech Accelerator, a program designed to provide the finalist with guidance in understanding the Army ecosystem, making introductions to key stakeholders and helping to build lasting relationships.


The xTech Accelerator is a cohort-based program for the participants of various xTech Program competitions. The xTech Accelerator core pillars below empower businesses to become successful in dual-use ventures, work toward successfully transitioning their technologies into the Army and ultimately thrive as small businesses.

Educational Programming
Diverse Mentorship
Community Building
Strategic Exposure
Venture Building Consultation


The foundation of the xTech Accelerator participants are its finalists – the select small businesses and innovators that are chosen through the multi-phased xTech judging process to participate in an xTech competition finals event. In addition to the finalist, the xTech Accelerator is a private community that includes Department of Defense (DoD) leaders, mentors and the Accelerator team. xTech executes specialized and curated Accelerators for the various competitions.

Group of Participants


xTech executes specialized and curated Accelerators for the various competitions. Each xTech Accelerator is tailored to fit the unique needs of the competition, the problem statement and the government organizations with which it is performed under. Hear what prior participants had to say about the impact of xTech Accelerators on their organization’s development.

Thanks to our mentor, we had the chance to test our technology with the Navy Research Lab. We’re collecting data integral to our technology development process.


I’ve been through other accelerator programs in the past but this one was top-quality presentation and content.

United Aircraft Technologies

…through this, I had a realization that there is a great opportunity to do business-to-business with big primes.

Cenith Innovation

If you have a small business just starting out, it [the Accelerator] is completely invaluable.

Trident Systems


Accelerator Infographic

Join the Ecosystem

If you would like to get involved as an investor, strategic partner or community partner, feel free to reach out to us below. It takes an ecosystem of support to foster the development of dual-use deep tech ventures.

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