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The U.S. Army is announcing the xTech CMFF Integration Fest. xTechCMFF Integration Fest is a forum to engage with the Army, earn prize money and provide an opportunity to test out CMFF aligned systems in a tactically relevant environment.


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Program Manager Mission Command (PM MC), the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare (DEVCOM C5ISR/EW), C5ISR Prototype Integration Facility, (PIF), Product Manager (PM) Interoperability Integration and Services (PM I2S), PM Tactical Radios (TR), PM Position Navigation and Timing (PNT), C5ISR MOSA Management Office (MMO), Program Executive Office (PEO) C3T, PEO Aviation, PEO Ground Combat Systems (GCS), and the Network Cross Function Team have partnered with the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology) (ASA(ALT)) to deliver the xTechCMFF Integration Fest.

The Army recognizes that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) must enhance engagements with eligible businesses by (1) understanding the spectrum of ‘world-class’ technologies being developed commercially that may benefit the DOD, (2) integrating the sector of commercial innovators into the DOD Science and Technology (S&T) ecosystem, and (3) providing strategic exposure to key stakeholders to accelerate, mature, and transition technologies of interest to the DOD.


The xTechCMFF Integration Fest is an opportunity for eligible entities to pitch their novel, dual-use technology solutions directly to the U.S. DOD. The competition will provide operationally-relevant and technical feedback from Army experts on proposed ideas submitted to this competition and offer cash prizes to selected finalists, along with direct exposure to key stakeholders, and the opportunity to test out their products in tactically relevant environments.

The U.S. Army’s PM MC is working on developing and refining a CMFF reference Architecture (RA) that provides industry with constraints to assist them in focusing their Internal Research and Development (IRAD) spending to meet Army needs. Some of the biggest challenges currently anticipated for existing CMOSS Participants are heat dissipation in tactically relevant vehicles’ environments, vibration and shock profiles of those vehicles, and vehicular Size, Weight, Power, and Cooling (SWAP-C) constraints that currently exist in the vehicles. This competition is focused on providing Army input on current products to industry partners for improving their products, so they are prepared for a planned FY24 OTA Contract release.

The competition will consist of two-rounds: (1) a short concept white paper and (2) a technology pitch / test event at the PIF in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Based on the white papers received, up to four (4) finalists will be selected and receive an invitation to participate in the technology pitch / test event. Up to four (4) winners will be selected from the pitch event and awarded a prize of $25,000 each. Details on the prize structure are listed in this announcement. In addition to cash prizes, participants will have the opportunity to engage with U.S. DOD stakeholders through information sharing and networking opportunities and receive a written test report from the PIF on their product performance in its intended environment.

The efforts described in this notice are being pursued under the authorities of 10 United States Code (USC) §4025. While the authority of this program is 10 USC §4025, a concept white paper submitted to the xTechCMFF Integration Fest may generate interest by another DOD organization for a funding opportunity outside of this program (e.g., submission of a proposal under a Broad Agency Announcement). The interested DOD organization may contact the participant to provide additional information or ask for a request for proposal in a separate solicitation.

Problem Statement

Mounted ground and air platforms are full of radios, computers, video displays, sensors, electronic warfare tools, antennas and other vital communication technologies –each with its own power draw, space claim, and proprietary design. The Army has defined a suite of open architecture industry and Army standards to enable the reduction of C5ISR system size, weight and power – cooling (SWaP-C). These standards will also serve to ensure commonality across multiple platforms by enabling the standardization and sharing of hardware and software components.

The C5ISR/Electronic Warfare (C5ISR/EW) Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) Mounted Form Factor (CMFF) A-CDD establishes desired capabilities for a prototype that can be integrated into an operational platform environment, and survive those operationally deployed use cases, as further defined within the CMFF Reference Architecture (RA). The CMFF IntegrationFest competition intends to evaluate a complete CMFF Block 1 (B1) aligned systems, against the space claim and environmental tests specified in the CMFF RA, and Standardized A-kit Vehicle Envelope (SAVE).

A “complete CMFF B1 aligned system” is defined as a CMFF compliant Chassis, an APNT Card to include M-code/encryption/sensor fusion (Radial Clock profile), an IO Intensive SBC Card (MMC not required to be ported), an SDR Card (supporting TSM and or SINCGARS waveforms), a switch (card or embedded), and a power supply (card or embedded).


PHASE 1: Concept White Paper

Jun 7, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018

Up to 4 Finalists

Invite to Phase 2: Integration Fest

PHASE 2: Integration Fest

Aug 15, 2022 - Aug 18, 2022

Up to 4 winners







Eligible entities include large and small U.S. If selected, participating entities must have or be able to obtain a CAGE code prior to advancing in the second stage of the competition. Instructions on how to obtain a CAGE code can be found on the xTechCMFF Integration Fest registration page.

U.S. Federal Government organizations or a U.S. Federal employee acting within the scope of their employment are not eligible to participate.

To receive CMFF Technical Documentation, interested parties must supply proof of International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance by submitting a copy of their Department of State, Defense Trade Controls Compliance (DDTC) registration statement with valid date (vendor may redact vendor registrant code), a signed PM Mission Command Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and sign the PM Mission Command Compliance Certification.

Submission window is closed.

CMFF Integration Fest

xTechCMFF Integration Fest

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