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What is the Army xTech Program

The Army xTech Program, led by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology (ASA)(ALT)) handles all Army prize competitions to award and accelerate innovative technology solutions. The program breaks down barriers to entry and uncovers transformative technology solutions developed by non-defense businesses. xTech allows the Army to understand the realm of technology solutions available for potential use while supporting the non-defense sector in building and strengthening the foundation for their businesses in the Army sector.

What types of competitions are typically run through the xTech Program?

  • The xTech Program can run various types of competitions under two prize authorities. The prize authorities allow the flexibility to create a customized competition that meets the needs of the Army organization.
  • Title 10 USC 2374a. Provides a mechanism for both cash prize awards and the option to have follow-on contracts such as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Other Transaction Authorities
  • Title 15 USC 3719. Provides a mechanism for cash prize awards.

What is the Accelerator Program?

  • The Accelerator Program is a key component to our competitions that typically runs from when the Semifinalist is selected to the Finals. A typical accelerator can run between 4-6 months, depending on the needs of the Army organization. Each accelerator is unique to the group of participants and offers a variety of opportunities to include:
    • Educational Programming
    • Mentorship with both Army and Commercial Stakeholders
    • Strategic Exposure
    • Community Building

Where do I submit my technology concept for the competition?

Your technology concept can be submitted online through the xTech website. When the competition is open and accepting white papers, the website will showcase a “Submit Now” button that will direct you to the xTech evaluation system, Valid Eval, and provide instructions for submitting your white paper.

Are there other opportunities or ways that we can submit for technologies to be reviewed?

The xTech team is continuously working on providing additional opportunities for small businesses to get their technology concepts reviewed. We encourage you to check out our new competitions that are coming out as well as the additional resources listed on this page to identify other opportunities.

Will I be able to review my score and comments after each phase of a competition?

Upon completion of each phase, an email will be sent out to all competitors with the details on how to access your scores and comments. We encourage you to look at the scores and comments to help you understand how your technology can be improved and where it may fit within the Army. You can use the scores and comments to help you prepare for the next phase and future competitions.

Can I resubmit the same technology concept in future competitions?

You may submit the same technology concept to different competitions but if you are submitting to another iteration of the same competition, ie xTechSearch 4 and xTechSearch 5, then you must be able to show the changes that you have made to your technology since the last competition. You will want to show the judges that you are working towards improving your technology and that you incorporated their feedback from previous competitions where it makes sense for your technology concept.

Is there someone that I can speak with now about my technology if a relevant competition is closed for submissions?

  • We are continuously working to provide small businesses with resources to make the right connections within the Army and discuss technology concepts that could impact our current priorities.
  • We encourage all small businesses looking to discuss their technology concepts to check out the resources tab on our website. In the resource section, we have provided various links to multiple organizations that you can reach out to directly.


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