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Coming Soon: xTechInternational 2024 Competition

Published: 10/27/2023

The xTechInternational 2024 Competition is now live, click here to access it!

Led by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, and in collaboration with U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC), Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM), the U.S. Office of Naval Research Global (ONR-G) and the Air Force Research Laboratory, xTechInternational 2024 is a competition focused on enhancing engagements with international businesses and academic institutions. Through xTechInternational 2024, the Army seeks a better understanding of the spectrum of world-class commercial technologies while integrating the sector of nontraditional international innovators into the Department of Defense science and technology ecosystem. In that same vein, the competition provides mentorship and expertise to accelerate, mature and transition technologies of interest to the DoD.

The competition will target three key focus areas (subject to change):

  • Quantum Sensing and Materials – The U.S. Army is interested in enabling technologies to accelerate research, development and adoption of quantum capabilities.
  • AI for Intelligence and Decision-Making Applications (Swarm Algorithms, Autonomous Systems, UAS and c-UAS, etc.)  –  The U.S. Army actively seeks AI technologies that augment intelligence and decision-making capabilities for military systems while protecting strategic and operational data.
  • Indigenous Materials Forward The U.S. Army seeks unique technologies and methods to integrate indigenous materials and systems to support supply chain resiliency for sustainment.

Selected participants will receive feedback on their proposals from Army and DoD stakeholders, and can win cash prizes along the way. As they progress through the competition, participants may have access to training, mentorship, and other support infrastructure to determine how to align their technology solutions with real users and buyers within the Army.

This is a competition you don’t want to miss! The Army will release additional details on the competition and its focus areas in early 2024.

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Coming Soon: xTechInternational 2024 Competition

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